Dewar Communications was founded in 1989 in Toronto, Canada. We provide a full range of business-to-business marketing communications to clients in high-tech and professional-service industries around the world.

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Our clients’ products and services are usually complex, with expert audiences and multi-level buying decisions. A striking design won’t help if it doesn’t get the right message across. And a great explanation is worthless if it isn’t seen or heard. Style and substance must go hand in hand.

Our specialty is distilling complicated requirements and motivators into meaningful communications that connect all the dots between a big impact and lasting impression – marketing tools that turn heads and move minds.


We support our clients at every stage of the marketing communications continuum. We develop short and long-term strategies for brands and products, finding ways to meet the distinct needs of varied audiences. On the executional side, we work with whatever vehicles are best for the job at hand, from traditional print advertising and literature to all digital and interactive media.

We’ve worked with many of our clients for decades. Our relationships have survived mergers, acquisitions, and management moves to different companies and countries. Our work reaches across many sectors, cultures and languages to all regions of the world. On any given day, it’s common for a designer to be preparing materials for a trade show in the US, while an account director is on the phone about a product launch in Italy, and a writer is editing brochure copy with a client in Norway. With clients in so many time zones, the only thing we don’t do a lot is lunch.

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